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Building & Plumbing Supplies Ltd Sell FSC And PEFC Certified Wood Products

As part of our commitment to sustainability, BPS has for many years maintained the rigorous standards of both the Forest Stewardship Council® FSC® (FSC-C010041) and the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification PEFC (PEFC/16-37-753) to achieve Chain of Custody certification. This dedication has enabled us to respond to our customers demand for quality timber from sustainable sources.

Sustainable Supply Chains Make Sense

 End use Customers are actively choosing timber products from sustainable sources and for Building Project for local authorities and Public buildings they won't accept anything, but timber sourced from sustainable certified forests.

  • Carbon benefits - trees absorb O2 as they grow.  Every cubic meter of wood used as substitute for other materials displaces an average of 1.1 tons CO\u2082. If this is added to the 0.9 tons of CO\u2082 stored, then each cubic meter of wood can save a total of 2 tons of CO\u2082.
  • Wood has the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building material. Producing steel, for example, requires 24 times the energy needed to produce wood.
  • If wood is sourced from certified forests, buyers and sellers alike can rest assured that their timber products are not only renewable, but that they come from forests that are managed responsibly.
  • Wood is attractive, practical and long-lasting.
  • Wood is a versatile and durable material. Research has shown that in buildings and interiors it is perceived as warm, relaxing and welcoming.
  • Performance - Wood has the best thermal insulation properties of any mainstream construction material.
  • A renewable resource - Wood and paper are renewable, reusable and recyclable.

Creating A Better Future

If you are interested in building with Building & Plumbing Supplies Ltd PEFC & FSC® range of sustainable sourced products, please look at our Customer FSC® & PEFC Certificate forms.

Please note our certification is site specific to all our sites or site specific –

FSC® Sites

PEFC Sites

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